Welcome to my blog!

Feb 24, 19


I have always written a lot of music. Through the years, bits and pieces of it have ended up being played live or uploaded to soundcloud, myspace, youtube or as personal gifts to family and friends. Most of it tends to stay with me though and doesn’t really get out there. I find great value in the process of composing and playing music, wether I manage to share it or not, but I also long for sharing it more, especially when it is something so close to heart. So to do that, I’ve decided to dedicate some time this spring to compose, record, arrange, release music and share the process along the way through this blog. Last but not at all least, I hope to invite many friends to join me in this project and music. So with that I wish you very welcome and I hope that some of you will enjoy the content I put up here. I really look forward to get started! /Johan

Video : Untitled