Where to start?

Feb 28, 19

Time to start concretize a long-time state of idea-dreaming:

This week I’ve started to look through my music and pick out the material I want to consider for this project. Kind of like a first round of auditioning. It can be everything from a totally unfinished 10 second song-idea to a fully written composition. The song No Block playing in the soundcloud player is a typical example of the things I’m looking through. I had an idea a while back to make a whole record of shorter intro-like songs like No Block. Maybe that idea could be realized as part of this project? As a taste-of-concept, below is a playlist of three such pieces I recorded.

BTW: I added the possibility to comment below so please feel free to do so if you like - I would love to know what you think.

Audio : 1. No Block , 2. Look out, 3. Greetings