First cut

Mar 10, 19


I have now made a first cut of the material. After this follows some kind of categorization of the music and see what could fit good together. Then the plan is to continue to boil it down until I have a reasonably amount of songs to prepare for recording. I am not sure how much it will end up being, but I think somewhere between 10-20 tunes would be a nice goal. For anyone interested I’ll post links to the “chosen” song-snippets from the ones I’ve posted online before.

It’s been interesting to go through the material. In particular I realized I have a lot of older stuff that is quite weird. I thought it would be fun to share with you some of that (things that won’t be included in this project) in future blog posts.

For now I’ll leave you with this almost guitar-exercise-like song. It would be fun to make a recording of this but I’m not sure really where to fit this with the other material =)

Video : “country pull-off thing”

First cut (ones available online)