Sidetracks (part 1)

Mar 14, 19

This week I’m away from home and can’t work on the project much. However, as a sidetrack I though it’d be fun to share some of the things I will definetely not include in this project. These are mostly very old pieces that I found looking through my computer. I’m not sure what to make of it now but I remember I used to love making these film/videogame-inspired bits on my computer. They also tend to have really weird working titles. Anyway, here’s a few =) :

Audio : Space Insert

This is probably the newest one of the four. If I remember correctly I recorded this after seeing the movie Sunshine that I though had a great soundtrack.

Audio : fatta_fett

I don’t remember anything about this, but looking at the working title I was apparantly excited about it..

Audio : debussy_synth

Does this sound like Debussey? More like Stranger Things and some piano maybe..

Audio : clues

Another video-gameish thing..