Sidetracks (part 2)

Mar 17, 19

Back in the day (and still) I used to love film music, something that is obvious listening through old recordings. Here I have collected just a few of the film-music-like pieces. They were all recorded using midi soundbanks and Reason (DAW).

Audio : intro-strings

This is my version of one of those music-logos you see in the movies e.g. 20th century fox intro, or Colombia Pictures.

Audio : deterrence

This a snippet from way back in high school where I attempted to compose and arrange for a symphony (or almost). For the interested, an almost full version, generated directly from the score can be found here.

Audio : the catapult

I can’t remember the back-story for this piece but it certainly seems to qualify as film music.

Audio : haste

I probably made this after watching the Lord of the rings…