Apr 04, 19

Hello! Finally I have been able set the first dates for studio recording, in May. It feels great to have that in place (even if I’m still looking into finding even more studio time). Now it’s a matter of getting everything prepared so that I can make best use of the time there =)

At the moment I’m spending time with these guys (see pic above), playing and making adjustments to the music. I picked up my baritone guitar (the black one) after having almost forgotten I had it. I’m hoping to find use of that in some of the music as its so much fun to play and sounds cool I think. Speaking about baritone, I’ll share a few clips I found where I play it.

This is a snippet from the song Dear Someone written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

Here is a song I wrote called The Digestive Song for some highly uncertain reason:

And finally, here’s just a little bit of jamming.. I think I recorded this the same day I bought the instrument: