Friendly music with a little bit of blues

Apr 11, 19

Just a short update about the project today as the things I’ve worked on regarding the project are somewhat semi-interesting to write about. I’m basically refining and going through the 11 songs I’ve picked to prioritize and have prepared for recording. I started doing some sloppy demo recordings at home to help me make sense of how I want it to sound later on. When doing that I’m experiencing that it is quiet easy to become obsessive about deciding the form of a song. When that happens I often need to just stop at some point and decide because there always seems to be “better” idea around. Not a new problem by any means. Anyway, all of the songs arent completely finished so there’s that to. In the clip below I play a bit from a song I finished writing today. Not sure what to name it yet, but it seems to be one of the most friendly sounding songs I have.. almost cute? Thankfully I was able to get a little bit of blues in there (as I try with all my songs =)).

Video : friendly song