Day 1 in the studio

May 05, 19


It is now sunday morning and we have yesterday had the first day of recording!

We are making the recording at Tambourine Studios. A big thanks to Jonas Jönsson (sound engineer) who we have the great pleasure to work with.

So, I am really happy with how the first day went and we managed to at least start on and lay the basis for 6 songs. It was myself, James (bass) and Hannes (drums). The songs we focused on were the ones that have a bit more jazz in them and I played about as much acoustic guitar as piano this day.

I’ll share more details about the studio later but now it is time to go back to the studio :)

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the day!

See you soon / Johan





James and Hannes

Johan and Hannes

Johan and James

Johan and Jonas


Hannes and a little bit of James

Johan, James and Hannes