Day 2 in the studio

May 06, 19

The first (of two) recording-weekends finished! The second day we continued with both recording the bases for the songs as well as doing lots of overdubbing. It feels like we got a lot done this first weekend and managed to come a long way on 10 songs! One or two of them are probably completed altogether. I’m really happy also that Karolina Almgren could join in on soprano saxophone on one of the songs. For most of the songs, we record a kind of base on duo/trio setting and then add on instruments afterwards. For a few of them however, we recorded everyone together - like the one Karolina joined in on. Alfred also joined to record piano on four songs.

I really enjoyed the experience and feel happy with what we achieved so far and I’m obviously really grateful for everyone who took part. Being so immersed and focused is intense and I was quite exhausted afterwards I must say. So I’ll take few breaths now and then continue on =). Next up will be overseeing what we have done so far and preparing for how to best use next weekends recording. I think I might do a few adjustments here and there. I think its good to have a few days here between recording sessions because I get a chance to make some changes based on how these last two days went. Next weekend I will be joined by Anna (cello) and Daniel (baritone clarinet / saxophone), so really looking forward to that.

Thanks to:

James Whife
Hannes Olbers
Jonas Jönsson
Alfred Strand
Karolina Almgren

for joining this weekend!

Here’s a few photos from the second day:

Hannes, James and Karolina


Jonas and Johan

Alfred and Jonas