Aug 07, 19


It’s been a while since I wrote here and since I last posted, the music has been mastered by Jon Rinneby at sound of wool. After a few versions/rounds back and forth, it is finished, meaning that the music is completely done now, wohoo!

As one could expect, I’ve listened to it countless times and a challenge now towards the end has been to keep myself open to really listening. A thing that I caught myself doing as I was starting to listen through the first version of the master, was that rather then listening if I thought it sounded good I instead focused exclusively on comparing the current version to the previous version. Although I think it’s a valid approach to use comparisons in order to see that it goes in the wanted direction, I also admit to loosing a bit of the point that music is ultimately a subjective experience. So it has also been helpful to ask others what they think of the music in its current state, without any knowledge about how it sounded before.

I think the biggest difference for me when listening before and after mastering is the extra clarity it brings to the whole thing, making it sound much more refined/finished. Anyway, it feels great to be finished and it was pleasure to work with Jon. (If you are reading this - thanks Jon!)

I’ve also made a bunch of short clips/teasers from the album that I thought to come in handy for sharing until it gets released all together. Actually, to end with, I would like to share the first snippet from the actual recording :). This is one of the more jazzier tracks.

Video : album teaser #1

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Soon my first album will be released! Beginning in mars this year I started this project and with the help of many friends and great musicians I am excited that the music is now finished and waiting to be released very soon! From what I think and what people tell me, I would say that the music seems to move through many genres.. cinematic, jazz, tango? It doesn't really matter to me as long as there is a hint of blues :) Here is the first very short glimpse of one of the jazzier tracks featuring Hannes Olbers on drums, James Whife on double bass, Anna Thorstensson on cello and myself on piano and guitar. Visit my website if you want to read more about the whole project and everyone involved! /Johan

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